Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Writing in Cryptid Culture!

Hey everyone, I recently wrote an article for Cryptid Culture magazine talking about my blog.

To quote the magazine's own blurb:

"Cryptid Culture Magazine is a new print publication based on Long Island, NY. The idea for this magazine began in early 2015 when Brian Richardson, founder and designer for Mythic Articulations, came up with the idea of an art magazine that could gather all of the 'cryptid art' and artists he was discovering through his company.  Expanding that, we began to believe there might be an audience for such a magazine if it could include not only visual art but fiction, essays, poetry etc. as well as content covering the influence of cryptids on books, film, TV, gaming, fashion, social media and science; really anything that might fall under the purview of 'cryptid culture' including interviews with cryptozoologists.

We envision Cryptid Culture as being a celebration of all things cryptid. We would like to include sightings, accounts and theories, remaining respectful of all opinions and insights from contributors with our own slant falling on neither the skeptic or believer side but promoting the interests of both with the dignity and respect each deserves.  We will strive to make Cryptid Culture a high quality magazine with beautiful design and intriguing content and we would love to have you be a part of it."

You can pick up an issue:

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